Installation & Setup

Depending on your system, you will have to use the following installer that you may find on DSM website on page Pharmaship.

  • pharmaship_xx.xx.xx.exe for Windows Operation System - Simply double-click on the application icon.

  • pharmaship_xx.xx.xx.deb for Debian based systems - execute “dpkg -i pharmaship.xx.xx.xx.deb” in normal user console.

  • pharmaship_xx.xx.xx.dmg for MacOS environment - Double click, then drag & drop Pharmaship icon to your application folder.

Once successfully installed, you will be able to execute it for the first time and set all parameters.


In case of new installation of Pharmaship, there is absolutely no need for any kind of configuration. Once installation is done, directly recover your backup and simply check that there is no mistake in configuration.